WELCOME to the office of Fostercare Diversified Services

Owned and operated by Pamela K. Foster, Licensed Massage Practitioner,
offering the highest quality of Massage and Business Services.

Pamela K Foster

Pamela K. Foster, LMP

Pam says: “I have been in practice since 1990, with a focus on holistic healing and education. I feel an obligation to my clients to provide the best possible treatment for the individual needs of each client. I sincerely believe that I, along with my colleagues in the field of massage and healing arts, help change peoples’ lives one session at a time”.

Note: Pam will cease being a Major Medical provider, effective 18th February 2018. Please see the News! page for more details.



HOURS: Tuesday – Saturday
Tues 1:30 – 6:30 (last session)
Weds 11:00 – 4:00 (last session)
Thurs 11:00 6:30  (last session)
Fri 1:00 – 7:00  (last session)
Sat 11:00 -5:15  (last session)

LOCATIONS: Eastlake: Monday, Wednesday a.m., Friday, Saturday
Mountlake Terrace: Tuesday and Wednesday p.m., Thursday

As of April 1st, 2015, my rates will be as follows:

30 Minutes                                  $55.00
One Hour                                    $85.00
Ninety Minutes                           $115.00
Series of 4 One Hours                $360.00 ($80.00 ea.)
Series of 10 One Hours              $750.00 ($75.00 ea.)
Series of 4 Ninety Minutes         $420.00 ($105.00 ea.)
Series of 10 Ninety Minutes     $1,000.00 ($100.00 ea.)
Discounts for LMPs, Students, Seniors & “Just Because”

Medical Massage:
30 Minutes                                 $65.00
One Hour                                  $125.00

Vedic and Tarot Readings:
30 Minutes                                $65.00
One Hour                                  $90.00
Ninety Minutes                        $140.00
Two Hours                              $175.00

One Hour                                $120.00
Consulting On Site/Travel       $120.00 + $30.00  local travel, Distance travel varies


a. One Hour Treatment Massage – $120.00
b. One Hour Massage – $80.00
c. One Hour Massage Series of 4 – $300 ($75.00 each)
d. One Hour Massage Series of 10 – $700 ($70.00 each)
e. 90 Minute Massage – $115.00
f. 90 Minute Series of 4 – $420 ($105.00 each)
g. 90 Minute Series of 10 – $950 ($95.00 each)
h. 60 Minute Tarot Reading – $80.00
i. 90 Minute Tarot Reading – $115.00
j. 90 Minute Initial Vedic Astrology Reading – $120.00
k. 60 Minute Return Vedic Astrology Reading – $80.00
l. Business Consulting in my office – $80.00/Hour
m. Business Consulting on site – $100/Hour
plus Travel Fee based upon distance
n. Average Travel Fee – $20.00

Gift Certificates available.
Accepting Checks, Cash and Visa/Mastercard at this time.

“My office is located in the heart of the Eastlake District, the Areis Building is easily accessible from the North via I-5 and Eastlake, the South through similar routes, 520 and surface streets. I have a convenient parking place, #23, located under the building for the ease and comfort of my clients. The Areis Building is an ADA approved building with wheelchair accessibility.

If this is your first time to my clinic, please arrive 5-10 minutes in advance in order to fill out a short health history form. I do NOT take every insurance plan, so it is important that you check with me, either directly on the telephone or via email regarding the insurance information. If I cannot accommodate you, I shall refer you on to a practitioner who might fulfill your needs appropriately”

Introduction: In order to better serve you, there are few policies noted below that will, hopefully, create clarity.

1) All clients must expect to complete a Health History Form so that I might serve you in a safe and appropriate manner.
2) You will be expected to complete the Consent for Treatment form as well. Please download these from the website and bring them with you to your first visit.
3) I have one client parking place, #23, located under the Areis building 2/3 of the way through on the right, labeled “Pamela Foster”. Please be courteous for the next client and vacate the stall as soon as possible after your session as I generally have someone coming in directly after you.
4) Please note that the building has open parking after 6:00pm during the week days and is completely open on weekends.
5) Please try to be on time! We all are dealing with Seattle traffic, so, if you run into a snag, please call or text me. As I have only 15 minutes between clients, any lateness must, unless otherwise arranged, be taken out of your treatment time.
6) Understand that, if you are on an insurance claim, I cannot charge an insurance company for any remainder of an hour session—that would be fraud; you will be personally responsible for the remainder of the hour.
7) Recognize that, if any co-pay or co-responsibility exists, you are responsible to pay this at time of service.
8) Please endeavor to give a minimum of a four hour cancellation notice. This gives me an opportunity to rebook the appointment with someone else. If you are on insurance, I cannot charge an insurance company for a missed or forgotten appointment; you are responsible for any fees for forgotten or missed appointments.
9) If you wake up ill, I do not want to see you. Quite frankly, by moving the lymphatic system, the work could make you sicker by accelerating the clearing of the illness.
10) If you have any doubt as to how infectious you might be, please call, text or email to discuss this with me.
11) We are committed to doing no harm. Therefore, if you have had a new development in your health condition, please inform me before coming in as there might be a contraindication for bodywork. If the new development requires a physician’s release, please obtain one before coming in.
12) If you are on an insurance claim, please do and bring the following:
a. Check with your insurance company to see if Massage Therapy is included in your plan.
b. Establish if I am a Preferred Provider for your insurance. I can call me or log onto your insurance and check for my name.
c. A Prescription from your Primary or recommending physician, which can be brought in by hand, faxed, scanned & emailed or snail mailed. The prescription should include:
i. Diagnostic Treatment Code
ii. Frequency of Visit Recommendation
iii. Duration of the Prescription
d. Insurance Card
e. Download the relevant forms from the forms link. Please do your best to fill them out before coming into the office as it creates time delays, which must be taken out your treatment time.
f. Please be aware that, if your insurance denies payment or if your coverage is exhausted, you are responsible for any outstanding amounts due for the services provided. Payment arrangement can be made if this should arise but it is vital that you understand the level of your responsibility for your own health care!
13) Please be prepared to pay for the session at time of service, unless other arrangements are made. I accept Cash, Checks & Major Credit Cards. If any check is returned due to Insufficient Funds, you will be charged a $35.00 fee (the same amount the bank charges me!). I have series rates which can be purchased in advance that can lower the hourly rate even more. My current rates are as above but please be aware that, although I make every effort to keep costs down, every few years I might have a small fee change. There are discounts if paid at time of service. Please see Charges section above.