Jyotish is the art and science of chart-reading from the ancient Vedic tradition of India. It has evolved over 3,000 years into a sophisticated prediction system which far outstrips the Sunday sun-sign columns.

The client generally seeks out consultations with specific questions, such as: Where am I going in my career? When will I be married? Are children in my future? And using the complex skills of Jyotish, the astrologer does his or her best to give the most beneficial advice.

First-time astrological consultations last 1 & 1/2 hours; subsequent updates are 1 hour sessions. You can combine an astrological consultation with a tarot reading if you wish.

You need to supply your birth date, also the place of your birth, and the most accurately known time of birth. Please look for your birth certificate if possible!

Jyotish astrological chart

Jyotish astrological chart

This is the chart for the New Moon of 3/26/09, in Seattle, WA. This is a fairly fortunate chart, with the Moon in the 11th house of gains, along with Sun, Mercury (not a happy camper here), and Venus (who loves it here and rules this chart anyway). Super strong 11th house for wealth, friends, resources and social responsibility. Saturn in the 4th signifies restrictions at home. Saturn leads to constraints and limitations, and is the temporal chart ruler (dasha lord), so those home problems may be really frustrating!

Jupiter with Rahu in the 9th suggests getting more education or doing a lot of travelling away from home, leading to a wider viewpoint. The kicker in this chart is Mars, lord of the 7th house of partners, in the 10th house of career, closing fast on Uranus, the planet of sudden upsets. Major work changes may happen soon!