The history and tradition of massage is a long and revered one. Virtually every culture and tradition has some form of hands-on healing in their past…and present. And massage therapy has seen a renaissance of sorts in the last 20 years.

Now bodywork has become a vital and integral part of a person’s health care regime! Massage modalities are recognized by the State of Washington has one of the most effective ways to treat injuries on the job; Auto Insurance companies rely on Licensed Massage Practitioners to return their claimants to health, working cooperatively with other health care practitioners. Most major medical companies have some allotment for massage therapy in their plans.

Why?? Because it works!  Massage:

  • Activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, allowing recipient to relax.
  • Stretches and  elongates contracted and spasmed muscles.
  • Breaks down scar tissue and adhesions to allow a more healthful exchange of fluids in the body.
  • Reduces  swelling, either due to injury or systemic congestion.
  • Increases Range of Motion through the relaxation of muscles.

REMEMBER, however, that there ARE some contraindications to receiving massage therapy, so it is important that you discuss your health concerns with me.


Clinical Massage – Incorporating over eighteen years of applied treatment techniques to get you, the client, back to pre-existing condition, back to work or, simply back to the Life you Love!

Massaging arm

Massaging the arm and shoulder

Relaxation and Stress Reduction – Let’s face it, everyone needs a time-out occasionally—or frequently, depending upon your needs. Some quiet music, a comfortable atmosphere and a variety of techniques can feel like a mini-vacation!

Reflexology – Massage to the feet, hands and ears has been around for thousands of years. Using the Ingham Method as a base, Pam integrate Eastern Theory and clinical applications to treat the whole body. This is an amazing modality!


Reflexology – hand and foot massage

Myofascial Release – Fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle fiber and muscle group of the body, gives form to the function of the muscle. The fascia can become damaged through injury and other stresses of Life. A gentle but profound modality, Myofascial Release uses techniques to free the adhered tissue, giving greater Range of Motion and thus a decrease in Pain.

Arvigo Method – The Arvigo Techniques Techniques of Maya abdominal Massage are centered around ancient Central American techniques, brought to the US by Rosita Arvigo, Doctor of Naprapathy and Massage Therapist. The work seeks to reposition the visceral organs that have dropped or shifted and restore the flow of blood, lymph, nerve and chi energy through the application of gentle but effective soft tissue manipulation. The work is best known for the correction of the tilt and prolapse of the uterus, for the prevention of benign prostate enlargement and for a variety of digestive and eliminative disorders.

Chi Nei Tsang – Chi Nei Tsang is a holistic approach to the healing touch modality of old Taoist Chinese origin. Literally meaning “working the energy of the internal organs” or “internal organs chi transformation”, CNT integrates deep, soft and gentle touches to train the internal organ to work more efficiently.

Pam also practises Massage Cupping and Lymph Drainage.

Lymph Drainage Therapy

Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) can prove beneficial in the correction of numerous conditions as well as in preventive health maintenance. LDT works to help re-circulate body fluids, stimulate functioning of the immune system, and balance the autonomic nervous system.  It is shown that when these actions are accomplished, the results may be:

  • Reduction in edemas (swelling) and lymphedemas of many origins
  • Relief of chronic and subacute inflammation and conditions such as acne, eczema and allergies
  • Immune system stimulation for preventive and therapeutic effects
  • Regeneration of tissues (e.g. from burns and pre- and post-surgical scarring) and anti-aging effects
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Relief of chronic pain
  • Deep relaxation to aid insomnia, depression, stress, loss of vitality and loss of memory
  • Anti-spastic actions to relieve conditions such as voluntary or involuntary muscle hypertonus
  • Reduction in the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
  • Alleviation of adiposis and cellulite tissue
  • Advanced techniques for fascia, viscera and joints

Factored into a general session or its own stand-alone treatment modality, LDT has proven to be an outstanding benefit to clients’ health and recovery. There are, however, certain contra-indications:  open wounds, broken bones, chronic lymphedema due to nodal removal (must have a doctor’s release), during an active miscarriage, acute infection (systemic or local), infectious diseases, etc.  In other words, any condition that would put the client more at risk than would assist them.  These conditions are often taken by a case-by-case basis.  Please check with your physician or with the therapist to discuss the appropriateness of the treatment.